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Early interruption of the menstrual cycle puts the hearts of women at risk

Early interruption of the menstrual cycle puts the hearts of women at risk

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18 May 2014

In a study, the first of its kind, researchers found that women entering the menopause (PMS) in their early between 40 and 45 years, become more vulnerable to heart problems due to the inability of the heart to pump enough blood to meet the body's needs .

This study also noted that smoking can increase the risk even more.

The study included 22,000 women entering menopause in Sweden.

There is an increased risk of heart failure among women who entered menopause naturally at such a young age is 40% higher than the women who have entered menopause at the age between 50 and 54, the average is 51 years.

And for every one year increase in age at menopause, the rate of heart failure is decreased for about 2%, according to the study.

But more than that, women who smoke, even if they stop smoking earlier, were most likely to suffer heart failure even if entered menopause between 46-49 years. It is known that smokers are entering menopause, on average, before one year of non-smokers.

"menopause weather early or late, it is always a good time to take further steps to reduce the risk of heart disease through exercise and a healthy diet, and weight loss, and smoking cessation. " said Margery Gass, Executive Director, Association menopause in North America.