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Why depression is very high during the spring?

Why depression is very high during the spring?

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04 May 2014

We all heard the winter blues, but what if we told you that because of the bad mood today is a condition known as "spring depression" is more common than you can imagine. How to protect yourself from seasonal spring Blues?

Some people suffer from "seasonal affective disorder" in cold winter, and this is to be expected because of cold weather and warm sunlight promotes the mood somber and sad. But there is another category of people suffering from "seasonal affective disorder" in the spring. This type is called a "reverse disorder", which is a specific type of depression is about 1/10 of the General depression, according to the National Alliance of mental illness. While linked to seasonal affective disorder, winter for lack of warm sunshine and outdoors, but the immediate cause of depression in the spring.

What are the reasons proposed for depression in the spring?

Spring allergies. Researchers at the University of Maryland in Baltimore that allergic episodes can lead to the release of cytokines, molecules of the cell plays an important role in the immune response in the body. Believes that these cytokines might grace lead directly to increased fatigue, social withdrawal and a decrease in appetite and sex drive-which are similar to symptoms of depression.

Change of weather. A new study finds that the decline and rise of temperature in the spring (on cool and hot day) can negatively affect mood. 27% of people fall when moods warming weather — and 8.7% are affected negatively by high precipitation (showers of spring), according to the research published in the journal emotion. This Pressure feeling happy. In the winter months we in hibernation. But when spring comes, everyone gets out from under layers of clothes with a brighter mood. Experts believe that the feeling of happiness of others can cause us adverse condition of depression.

Finally, whatever the reasons for depression, talk with a specialist if you feel that your mood is not affected by any external variables. Whatever the reason for aloofness and a depression in the spring season, you should know that it is temporary and that there are natural ways to get rid of it.