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Uses of lemon peel

Uses of lemon peel

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21 Apr 2014

I have many and varied means used by women to lose weight and get slim and slim body, it has many therapeutic recipes lemon and used to fight obesity and reduce calories.

After several studies and then discover that the lemon peel helps eliminate excess fat without a strict diet but healthy in small quantities with drinking a cup of this recipe before each meal with a quarter of an hour.

Method:1. wash the kilo of lemon and squeeze and then placed in a bottle and leave it in a bowl with the lemon peel essential for dieting. In a saucepan, boil the ample amount of water.

2. put in lemon peel and leave for 30 minutes.

3. after the water has cooled, mix lemon juice with water and placed in a bottle in three.

4. for best results, lose weight, reduce your meals and eating 4 snacks every day.

5. before starting your meal with a quarter of an hour drink glass of lemonade, which will help in burning fat and stacked in the body.