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Gulf becomes one of the worlds most attractive tourist spot.

Gulf becomes one of the worlds most attractive tourist spot.

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21 Apr 2014

See the Gulf States recovery of major tourist attraction, having transformed into a favorite destination for tourists from European and Asian States (spring), political crises and violence prevents reception of tourists.

According to the "German", said experts and officials from the tourism industry in the Gulf tourist traffic rose at rates reaching more than 18 per cent in the number of tourists, and 34 per cent in revenues, contributing to investors to increase their projects in tourism and construction.

Moataz Al-Khayat, said Chairman Al Khayat private contracting, "which holds the building and development of a number of major hotels in Qatar and the region, that the proceeds of four hotels and five-star hotel in Qatar rose to around the year 2013 billion u.s. dollars, up 13 percent from a year ago, noting that the (spring) played an important role in guiding tourists to Qatar, especially with the high level of services of hotel and tourist resorts for rates above five-star level.

Statistics showed tourism authority in Qatar that in 2013 the State received more than 1.3 million visitors from around the world, compared with 1.2 million visitors in the same period in 2012.

Khayat said that Qatar and the GCC is experiencing a significant rise in the size of the hotel projects being implemented to accommodate the increasing tourist traffic, the most prominent of those projects "Doubletree Hilton hotels under construction in Qatar and scheduled to open in the last quarter of this year, 187 Deluxe and pays tribute to the nearby tourist area of" standing "in the Centre of the Doha Museum of Islamic art.

In Dubai, the Department of tourism said that the UAE City Hotels last year received more than 11 million with an increase of more than a million in 2012, up 10.6 percent, and the top ten in the list of visitors to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, India, Britain, the United States, Russia, Kuwait, Germany, Oman, Iran and China.

Tourism expert believes Patrick antaki, Director General of "Al Maha Desert Resort in Dubai to large infrastructure of the UAE, particularly in the area of airports, airlines and hotels are a major reason for the turnout of European tourists, besides receiving a large proportion of Arabic tourism which was heading to the States of North Africa in the summer months, but after the recent political events aimed at tourism in the Gulf States, notably the UAE, the UAE Hotel energy able to accommodate the continuous increase in tourists.

Thought Freddy Fred General Manager Gloria hotel in Dubai, the major promotion campaigns organized by the UAE in international tourism markets played a major role in attracting Western tourists to provide amenities and enjoy all the European tourists, making it a favorite destination in the region.

And Abu Dhabi tourism sector recorded record results last year, with the high number of hotel guests in the Principality by 18 percent compared to a year ago to 2.8 million, exceeding the target of $ 2.5 million.

Inmates spent 150 hotels and resorts and apartments in the Principality during the night, 8.8 million last year, up 26 percent from 2012, while total income rose by 18 percent to 5.48 billion dirhams (1.5 billion dollars).

Ajman said it had registered an increase in the size of hotel revenue during the past year to 34.6 per cent, compared with the year 2012.

He said Faisal Ahmed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department of tourism development in Ajman, the number of hotel rooms in the Emirate rose to 2610 rooms last year compared with 756 rooms in 2012, noting that the number of hotels in the Emirate has risen to 11 in 2013 the number 18 serviced apartments facilities facility, in Muscat, the Omani Tourism Ministry announced that the number of tourists and visitors to the Sultanate of Oman last year rose by more than 16 percent from 2012.

According to Maitha Al mahrouqi – Omani tourism under-Secretary that executing major projects, develop and expand the infrastructure for the Sultanate to absorb the increasing tourist traffic.

The Sultanate of Oman offered a package of incentives for investors in the tourism sector by giving them access to land and tax exemptions for five years.