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Varkala, Top Tourist Destination in Kerala

Varkala, Top Tourist Destination in Kerala

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03 Feb 2018

There is a Reason Why people call Kerala “God's own country”. Kerala Ranks top in the list of Finest Destinations in India. Rather than Hilly Stations, Backwaters, Lush Green Hills, Coastal Beach Sides, Historic Monuments, Temples, Churches makes Kerala finest for both Foreigners and Natives.  The natural beauty of Kerala  draws in Visitors from all cross the globe. Beaches are the one among the main attractions of Kerala. Its shares the west coast of India with Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. The Varkala Cliff, Only Beach Cliff in South India makes Foreigners more attracted to Kerala. Many resorts and hotels in Varkala to stay and enjoy the beautiful cliff. 

Varkala Cliff in Varkala, town in Trivandrum district of Kerala, Provides breathtaking views of the awesome landscape of Varkala beach with crashing sea waves, enchanting colors of sky, palm trees etc..

        Varkala beach and Cliff holds best to spend an evening in Kerala. Witnessing the sunset with murmuring waves may be a memorable experience ever in your life. Glowing Miracles on the deep sea, Effort of fishermen to drive their life to dream destination of life, Families sharing the calm evening, Foreigners enjoying the mysteries of sky makes the beach side most fine.

The view of beach and aside from Cliff along the sunset makes our mind and atmosphere astonishing. Shopping, Music Night at Cliff trilling the time spend there. Every Tourist reached here makes even a single trip to varkala yearly, reveals there is something here for all kind of tourist in Kerala.

Varkala is popular for  Papanasam Beach, where several locals visit the beach and take a dip in the sea water as it is belived to absolve them of their sins. Also, the Samadhi of Kerala's Saint Sree Narayana Guru is situated in this town and hence has become a place of pilgrimage