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Scariest Places in Asia

Scariest Places in Asia

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24 Jan 2014

Tat Tak School, Hong Kong

It is Said to be one of the most haunted locations in Hong Kong, even though now abanodent it is subject of many frightening tales, there are even reports of suicide and the ghost of a woman in red. People and taxi drivers are scared to take the road that leads to the school, which is surrounded by graves and also reportedly haunted. 

Lawang Sewu, Indonesia

This story starts from the history of colonialism in the country. It is said at the end of World War II, the Japanese fought a battle with Indonesian troops in front of this building, and there are stories of people being tortured in the basement.

Chibichiri Cave, Okinawa

This is also related to world war, at the end of World War II, Japanese soldiers were told to kill themselves rather than surrender to U.S. forces. Many threw up their life in various caves throughout Okinawa. Many civilians were killed and also killed themselves. Skull sculptures can be found in the caves as a memorial to the events.

Clark Hospital, Philippines

This is a former U.S. Army hospital which is said to be visited by the ghosts of soldiers who died over there. In 1991, when Mount Pinatubo eruped, the U.S. Air Force evacuated Clark Air Base where the hospital is located.

Bagua Building, Taiwan

Off the southern coast of Taiwan, Green Island attracts Taiwanese tourists. The island once housed a penal colony for political prisoners. The prison is still there, and the island is said to be haunted by those who were killed during the White Terror period of political suppression (1949-1987).