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Haunted Places In India: Are they really haunted?

Haunted Places In India: Are they really haunted?

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07 Nov 2014

Haunted places, spirits, ghosts, supernatural etc., are the items that have perpetually attracted attentions of the many. These are the items that are answer of our experience and intelligence, and this can be the actual fact that produces us to seem any deep. Although, the thoughts of the supernatural and ghosts itself makes several terrified, however it's our nature to seem a lot of into it; to understand it a lot of.

So, if you're an journey junkie and love the stories regarding ghosts, haunted residences, supernatural etc. then the subsequent area unit a number of the foremost haunted places in India, that you just could prefer to cross-check.

Jatinga valley, Assam

There's some reasonably uncommon theory going around this place.Though it's one in every of the finely created picturesque locations within the earth, however associate degree uncommon factor happens during this place per annum. On the Gregorian calendar month month of each year, the place observes a series of mysterious birds suicides on sizable amount. What is the reason for this? Nobody knows; scientists are making an attempt to work out this event since a protracted time, still there is not any definite answer.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Considered joined of the foremost haunted places, it's maybe the place that's on poll position within the list of haunted places in India. it's therefore as a result of there's some icy cold feeling regarding the place. Legends area unit there that the fort and therefore the location around has been doomed by the black art spell forged by a Tantric. The villagers still concern the luck of the place, and nobody is allowed to travel to the place once sunset attributable to the paranormal activities reported  within the place.

GP Block, Meerut

This is one in every of the foremost spookiest places within the nation, attributable to the many reported  sightings. it's essentially an abandoned double-storeyed building within the inside of emptiness. many outlandish occurrences are reported  within the building and is believed that it's haunted by many spirits. the foremost illustrious and largely reported  observance is regarding four male figures siting within and at the roof of the building and having drinks. there's additionally another mysterious and shivery observance reported  within the place, which includes a lady stepping out of the house at dark darkness of the encircling carrying red saari.

D'Souza Chawl Of Mahim, Mumbai

Yes, even town of dreams, metropolis has many haunted places that may create your blood run cold. The D'Souza Chawl Of Mahim, is one most haunted place within the town. it's disreputable of for the story of a lady who fell on the well of the Chawl whereas drawing water and died. Even nowadays there area unit reports of the ghost of that girl tip-toeing the place.

Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Some may well be shocked on seeing the state-of-art edifice during this list of haunted places in India. however there area unit some reports of events wherever a ghost of a person was clear-sighted on the corridors of the edifice. Not several folks apprehend that the designer who styleed the edifice committed suicide within one in every of the bedchamber as a result of the ultimate design of the edifice wasn't as per his want.

These area unit simply a number of of the haunted places within the country. Besides these, there area unit many alternative creepy places within the nation. The Dehi Cantt. space of the city's capital, Kuldhara in Rajasthan, Aleya Ghost Lights in geographic region, Agrasen Ki Baoli in New Delhi Brij Bhavan Palace in KotaFind Article, Rajasthan etc. area unit a number of the opposite haunted places in India. therefore if you bought guts then do cross-check these places; though it's extremely not counseled.