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Drinks you must use.!

Drinks you must use.!

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17 Apr 2014

Without a doubt, taking diverse drinks of water taken up tea, coffee or fruit juice not only colorful and delicious delight and joy will be our cause but can be succulent and healthy life will bring more

But one thing that always gets lost, the amount of time, or the possible consequences of taking the wrong drink too much or are their benefits or that we're going in this section will give you help in the targeted consumption of beverages.

When a coffee shop or retail stores juice we can regardless of the circumstances and the amount of calories that enter our body gets the drinks we tried to choose regardless of a pure liquid calories to entering the body of one of the worst things that we can do. But it's difficult to add calories to the body and cannot be the end of a lot of trashy drinks can cause indigestion, a feeling of hunger or are symptoms that will increase your appetite.

So let's get a little more action is planned.

When to drink water?

You feel tired, you have a headache or back ache? In an article published by the journal of the research participants a Nutrition more than 1 percent of the people who were dehydrated symptoms reduction of sense and are, lack of concentration and head pain have been reported. Based on the statements of the author of the article make the nerve diagnosed dehydration and send messages to the brain that affect the person's cognitive and sense, It is known that men and women should drink11 to 15 cups of water throughout the day.

When to use tea?

Lisa Roberts from the well-known area of health and nutrition advisors believes that if you're a fan of caffeine and should know that it is the best alternative black tea caffeine intake. Compared to coffee, which is 100 to 190 milligrams of caffeine in a cup of black tea only has 50 mg of caffeine.

If digestive discomfort and pain you are suffering should know that in traditional Chinese medicine of the tea as a cure digestive problems and stomach acid reducer. Seems to be in accordance with the terms of Darjeeling tea specialists or Lady Grey with ginger or cardamom is excellent for improving discomfort.

When to drink juice?

Robin Miller is the author of many books, cuisine, rich in plum drink, says vitamin C and minerals such as calcium and iron. The drink also has the content of fiber that helps to digest food in the intestine. Fruit juices contain large amounts of protein and complex carbohydrates for tapping into the metabolism.

A beverage also contains substances that can fight bacteria and tissue level. If you have the desire for a heavy meal is better than a drink orange juice that Lyon not only makes better digestion of food but also can be the front stomach reflux after a heavy meal and greasy. The cause of this issue is the performance of orange juice as an antioxidant that can cause a better digestion of food and prevent blood vessel damage.

When to Drink Coffee?

If you have diabetes do not forget coffee contains two and magnesium mineral is absorbed by the body to insulin. Insulin is the hormone that controls blood sugar in preventing Hepatitis type 2 or B helpful. If you have a sensitivity to caffeine can of coffee without sugar or milk sugar or high fat and use the cream during the day.

A lot of coffee containing caffeine health benefits for women. For example, in one of the research it is known that four cups of coffee or more throughout the day eat less risk of uterine cancer threatens them. The other is written in an article in women who consume more coffee than seeing depression.

When to drink milk?

Milk for strong bones and very useful but it is interesting to know also the thinness can help you. Research on the number of people in America that had been done, people who have enough during the day, especially the amount of dairy