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Do you want to be more accurate? Or more intelligent?

Do you want to be more accurate? Or more intelligent?

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09 Mar 2014

We must improve our brain because its ages with time. There are some food which can help us to prevent aging of our brains. These foods will help you to have a healthy brain.

So we here provide top 5 foods that make your brain and nervous system perfect.


Spinach is very rich for nutrients. Whatever disease or health problem you have, spinach can be used as one of best medicine as it is a natural medicinal vegetable. It also slows down the aging of the brain system and also helps to protect our nervous system too. It is very useful in functioning of our basic needs like concentration, listening, learning and decision making.


Cocoa helps us to relieve from the sterner cause. It acts an antioxidant. The stern may cause so many health related problems in our body like heart failure, Alzheimer’s disease etc. Cocoa is very useful for these problems. So adding cocoa to your diet is advised.


For maintaining the blood vessels, nuts like almond, walnuts are very useful. These nuts contain high concentration Vitamin E which is very good for our brain. Walnuts are known as ultimate brain food. Most of the nuts can help us to lower cholesterol and improve heart health when eaten as part of a balanced diet.


Garlic contains antioxidants which prevent the aging. It also improves the functioning of our brain and nervous system. Garlic can be used with any type of foods. So if u had garlic to your diet it will be beneficial for you as it tastes good and its good for your brain too.

Olive Oil

Cholesterol is a common disease now a day. Olive oil has the power to reduce cholesterol. It is the best for making our nervous system perfect.

So we have discussed many foods above. So always think the famous quote that “Prevention is better than Cure”