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Tips to Maintain A Healthy Life

Tips to Maintain A Healthy Life

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17 Jan 2014

The present lifestyle is to complicated. Too much of stress, too busy, tired all the time, annoyed, not feeling good, distracted etc. The trouble is you cannot manage to incorporate all of these good health habits so here are seven super easy, painless things you can do that can make a big difference in moving you toward a healthier lifestyle fast.

  • Get good sleep

Get enough sleep all of the time. Less amount of sleepdo not just make you tired, it weakens your resistance to common ailments and may make you more susceptible to stress-based conditions.

  • Exercise time

Turn at least a couple of your regular lunch hours into a time for exercise like to take a walk, ride a bicycle, or hit the gym. Even a 20-minute mild workout is better than supersized fries.

  • Fruits

Fill up a fruit bowl and keep it out on your counter or dining room table. When you’re ready for an after-work drink or a late-night nosh, go for an apple or banana, instead. Healthful eating is more likely to occur when you make it easy on yourself.

  • Vitamins

Take vitamins every day or consult a doctor and takea good multivitamin or specific supplements. These nutritional powerhouses are your insurance policy against the days you do not eat as healthfully as you should.

  • Green tea

Add green tea to your diet. Just drink one cup of green tea per day. Even though it has an acquired taste, it has more of vitamin C than an orange, a boatload of antioxidants, and potential weight-loss benefits.

  • Walk

Add walking to your normal day routine like park far from the front door, stand up when you talk on the phone, take the stairs when possible, and try to move as much as you can. This would be one of the best ways without disturbing your daily work. And you may even reach a mile without your knowledge.

  • Relax

Just relax a taking a bath, stretching out on sofa, calling and old friend, sitting down to a family meal and uplifting conversation, or reading quietly, make time every day to “get away” from all of your troubles. Work on the little things that you can change without disrupting your lifestyle.

Eventually, enough little changes result in the big change you really want. Overhauling your life can be daunting and most major changes do not last very long. So take a break and relax!!