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Hero Moto Corp Diesel Concept Bikes

Hero Moto Corp Diesel Concept Bikes

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30 Jan 2014

Hero Moto Corp launched new models, also a 150cc disel concept motor cycle and a hybrid scooter. Barring RNT THE 150 CC BIKE will be launched on 2015. the company said that The RNT Motor cycles are just a concept models, the company has  to do more research before it can be brought to the commercial grounds. The main attractions of this kind of bikes they are running on diesel. Less cost and can save a huge amount in fuel. but the problem is the diesel engine bikes are less powerful as compared to petrol engines ,even though this bikes are in models of sports bikes. this are considered as off road bikes so that the power will be a most important issue on this bikes. but  we can hope that the company will clear this problem before the launch of vehicle.

The bikes made by hero honda were powerfull but now the honda split with hero and they move away with the technology. so that how much hero can perform is still remains un answered.