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Increasing your self-esteem!

Increasing your self-esteem!

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28 Jan 2014

Our self-esteem is instilled within us from childhood. Constant criticisms from family and friends tend to slowly strip us of our feeling of being worthy. Increasing your self-esteem improves your confidence, which is the first step for leading a happy life.

1. Dress Smart: people are always conscious of their physical appearance. When u are confident about your looks, your body radiates confidence which makes other people look up to you.

2. Practice good posture: people who slouch and are lethargic in their activities display lack of confidence. Stand up straight, hold your head high and make eye contact with who you converse. You will make a positive impression on others.

3. Good hygiene habits: Take care of your personal appearance. Brushing your teeth, cleaning you nails and keeping your skin clean are few points you can remember.

4. Speak up: Many people never speak up for the fear that others will judge them or think of them negatively. But by voicing your thoughts you will become more confident about yourself.

5. Remove your negative self-esteem: Start within yourself. Ignore any and all destructive criticisms or insults, including anything from your past. If we let go of our past, ignore hurtful negativity and make ourselves happy means we win.

6. Don’t worry about being perfect: Aiming for perfection in life is not the right way. Perfection means different things for different people. Instead we should learn to achieve goals.