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Social networking within the twinkle of eyes! is it a dream?

Social networking within the twinkle of eyes! is it a dream?

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26 Jan 2014

Social networking within the twinkle of eyes! Is it a dream?

Maybe not.because Washington based startup Innovega is coming up with a natural platform called iOptik that promises how we share social networks.its a 2-part-system,depending on special contact lenses which lets the eye focus simultaneously very near and very far,sending lights in retina in different ways.

It supports most screen designs like fully transparent,panoramic,HD,micro-projector eyewear,and a glance-able, M.Pixels,etc.

"Whatever runs on your smartphone would run on your eyewear,” said Stephen Willey, Innovega CEO.

The accelerating performance of mobile devices together with availability of HD and 3D content are catalysts for new and compelling user experiences. Innovega and its strategic partners are designing natural eyewear-based platforms based on the patented iOptikTM display system that promise to thrill us and transform how we use and share our social media.

The glasses are slim and fitted with little more than the micro-projectors. The iOptik platform provides wearers a 'virtual canvas' on which any media can be viewed