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Shocking reasons for depression

Shocking reasons for depression

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08 Jan 2014

We all know many reasons of depression causing factors like Trauma, grief, financial troubles, and unemployment is just a few. There are many more that you are less known among people. Here are a few.


1.Summer weather

Sometimes depression can happen because of weather also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Very rarely this happens for people in the summer.  during this weather the person experiences a delay in adjusting to new season. Instead of waking up and being cool in the dawn they take time to adjust'this maybe due to brain chemistry imbalance or hormone melatonin



Smoking is linked to depression in many ways. People normally smoke alot and take up this habit when they are in a hard drepression prone situation.

Avoiding cigarattes and other nicotine containing products are good for keeping brain chemicals stable. As nicotine affects neurotransmitter activities in brain.


3.Thyroid disease

When thyroid hormones arent produced by thyroid gland this usually happens,this is known as hypothyroidism and its main symptom is depression. The main task of this hormone is to act as a neurotransmitter and  and control the levels of serotonin which is the mechanism of action for antidepressent drugs.

4.Poor sleep habits

Sleep is a great gift of god. Depression is one of the things we have to face if we are out of sleep. If we dont sleep well our brain functioning stop which automatically leads to depression.

5.End of a TV show or movie

This is yet another thing that would shock us. People tend to fall in depression when their favourite show or movie or any important event comes to an end. It was even reported that many fans suicided because Avatar's fictional world wasnt real. The counts increased when Harry potter came to an end.