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Baby born 92 days after mother is declared brain dead

Baby born 92 days after mother is declared brain dead

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23 Jan 2014

Miracles do happen. Doctors at a Hungarian hospital have delivered a premature but healthy baby 92 days after the child’s mother was declared brain dead.

The 32-year-old mother suffered from a catastrophic stroke after her 15th week of her pregnancy.

Two-day battle was done to save her life, but her circulation and other vital functions stopped, according to Prof Bela Fulesdi, the president of the medical centre at Debrecen University, where the woman was treated.

But the baby was still “alive and kicking”, he said on Wednesday, the family was left with the choice the choice to switch off the life support or give an attempt to save the baby.

The mother was fed with special nutrient-rich fluids while a battery of sensors monitored the status of the child. “For three months we managed to keep the baby alive, and then it was delivered on the 27th week with a caesarean section,” Prof Fulesdi said. “The baby is now home and growing.”

Due to the request of the family the child’s name and sex was kept as a secret , the incident was kept under wrap for months before it was revealed.

For a noble cause 2 kidneys, pancreas and her heart was donated.