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Who should know you better than anyone else?

Who should know you better than anyone else?

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10 Jan 2014

Do you know your self better tahan others?

you are the one who should know you better than everyone else.

1) Listen to yourself

 First listen to yourself when you got a problm. We normally come up with solutions everytime we are in trouble so we should here what our heart tells . Still if you cant find and answer then, you may find it beneficial to seek help from a physician or therapist.

2) Linking the body to the mind

Keep a good blood circulation. yoga and mediation can help a lot, it can help you attain your body with your mind, this may help you alot in improving confidence level ,sharpen our focus and regulate our mood

3) Pay attention to the people in your life

Take enough time to know were are you staying.listen to others and analize them and their intension. and take helps from them.

4)Ask yourself a question

‘Try asking questions to yourself and find answer to it also. Like ''Are you happy with your life’? ‘What are the biggest desires in life ‘? 

  5) Recognize your short comings

Noone is perfect. Realise this first. So when someone finds a fault from your side. Accept it and change accordingly after thinking alot