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Ambassador Ranked The World's Best Taxi

Ambassador Ranked The World's Best Taxi

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25 Jan 2014

It maybe out dated now with many other highly competitve cars already in town. Once king of the road, has just been voted as the world's best taxi by global automotive programme Top Gear.

In a show, Ambassador emerged a winner, beating competitors from all over the globe. in a world taxi shootout organised  Top Gear's executive director Richard Hammondaired aired on the BBC,   

"The winner was India's virtually indestructible Hindustan Ambassador," UK-based motor museum Beaulieu, where the 'World of Top Gear' featuring vehicles from some of the most ambitious challenges are also showcased, said in a statement.

The Hindustan Ambassador as we know now started life in Britain as the Morris Oxford but, with a quick name change, it went on to become one of India's most enduring vehicles. Even now we can find them popular among different communities.