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Electronic devices "steal sleep" from the eyes of the British

Electronic devices "steal sleep" from the eyes of the British

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10 Aug 2014

A recent study revealed that Britons spend more time in the use of technical devices than they do in the bedroom.

The TRA British Ofcom that adults spend about eight hours and 41 minutes per day on average in the use of communication devices and media, compared with 8 hours and 21 minutes on average per day in sleep.

According to Ofcom, the number of hours spent by adults in the follow-up TV is about four hours a day.

The study, conducted by the Commission on the 2,800 people that the popularity of television and radio are still high despite the growth of digital media.

One analyst says that this indicates that "the digital revolution is still in its early stages."As the study proceeded to analyze the behavior of those aged between 12 and 15 years.

Said 8% of those surveyed said they used e-mail, while 3% of them said they only communicate by landlines.

The study also points out that the information on young Techniques modern outweigh the elderly, are equally as information from those in the 45-year-old with children at the age of six.

TV "is still the King"

According to the recent study and previous studies conducted by Ofcom, the television and radio have enjoyed great popularity in spite of the proliferation of alternative media.

The average number of hours people spend watching television for three hours and 52 minutes a day which is more than the total number of hours spent by individuals in the use of mobile phones or the floor or the Internet.

But that is the first time that retracts the number of hours watching TV per day to less than 4 hours.

Says Ian Maude, an analyst for research firm Anders: "TV is still the king when it comes to the media is that the proportion of viewing using other media, including YouTube is on the rise."

"It was too early for the digital revolution."

Books are the most popular

The proliferation of digital books did not convince the vast majority of Britons to get rid of their belongings from traditional books.

He said 84% of adults who conducted the study said they have a collection of traditional books and a similar proportion said that they have collections of songs on CDs.

He also owns four of every five person’s libraries of video CDs for movies, which is the same percentage since 2005.

However, some forms of traditional media suffer from the growth of digital media.

He said only 2% of the adult age of 16 years; they will miss the newspapers and magazines.