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Foods which would make you feel happy and comfortable

Foods which would make you feel happy and comfortable

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31 May 2015

Start your day with a coffee and feel the difference, Coffee increases the feeling of pleasure.

It describes many fascinating facts like a coffee Brown would complete their morning by stimulating  through out and making the body feel comfortable. Although some studies confirm the existence of the many harms to the caffeinated coffee, but the benefits are many, which gives you the comfort and happiness, along with some other foods. It is seen through the report of the experts stressed that eating certain foods a person may feel satisfied and fights the heartache.

The coffee in the morning increases the sense of fun, while some experience that women who took 2-3 cups of coffee a day were less likely to develop depression by 15%.

Specialists said that eating fruits and vegetables help to feel happy. As the number of servings of vegetables and fruits a day to 7 servings improves mood and morale effectively, according to a Dutch study.

In the Japanese study indicated that drinking five cups of green tea per day reduces the stress level by 20%.

Experts feels that the mushrooms helps to keep a person  happy with the superior vitamin "d" amends mood, as well as selenium, which reduces feelings of depression and anxiety. And that dark chocolate will bring smile to the face, eating 30 grams each day for two weeks, reduces stress levels and reduce the feeling of fatigue and depression