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Mahatma Gandhi : Unknown Facts and Interesting information about the holy soul!

Mahatma Gandhi : Unknown Facts and Interesting information about the holy soul!

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01 Oct 2014

Everyone is aware of regarding Gandhi. He was born on 2 October 1869.  Gandhi led India to independence and impressed movements for civil rights and freedom across the planet. 

Today we have a genuine intension to share you some attention-grabbing and unknown facts concerning Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi:

1.In Gandhiji's biography he has mentioned that he wasn't a adventuresome or outspoken leader.In fact,he was thus back that he couldn't discuss with anybody in his faculty and sometimes ran from there.

2.Once he was boarding a train throughout that one in all his shoes slipped and fell on the tracks.He then removed his another shoe and threw it close to the primary one simply to assist the one that would realize the combine.This shows that however kind and serving to he was.

3. Time Magazine, the noted U.S. publication, named Gandhi the person of the Year in 1930.

4. Gandhiji was often have contacts with Russian writer Leo Tolstoy.

5. As a result of one in all his 1st standard teacher was an Irish person,Gandhi JI spoke english with AN Irish accent.

6. Gandhi was essentially terribly serving to and anxious concerning others. Once whereas he was boarding train one in all his shoes slipped and fell on to the track. He instantly removed the opposite shoe and threw it close to the primary one. His intention was facilitate|to assist} the one that would realize the combine and help himself.     

7. His life aims were truth, non-violence, spiritualism, devoutness, honesty, discipline, loyalty, aspiration and then on. of these glorious high qualities created him the sage which suggests an excellent soul.    

8.  Gandhi was extraordinarily timely. one in all his only a few possessions was a dollar watch. simply before he was dead, on Jan thirty, 1948, Gandhi was upset as a result of he was 10 minutes late attending to an everyday religious service. 

9. On seeing the hopeless condition of 1 tenth of Bharat that was living in an exceedingly hungry and half-starved state, Gandhi pleaded with them to stop delivery kids into a world crammed with most misery and need. 

10. He hates photographers and taking photos. however the actual fact is, at that point, he was the sole person massively photographed.     

11.  He scorned cinema. He doesn’t suppose, cinema could be a medium to propagate his ideals. however in his last years, he fierily used Radio.     

12. Gandhiji thought, communicating cards ar low-cost and easy communication mode.     

13. Son the Christ was crucified on weekday. Gandhiji was born on weekday. Bharat got its independence on weekday. Gandhiji was dead on weekday.     

14. Once in 1915, Gandhiji visited Santiniketan and needed Rabindranath Tagore as, ‘NamestheGurudev’. directly Rabindranath replied, ‘If i'm Gurudev you're sage,’ Then, the prefix of ‘Mahatma’ used before the name of Gandhiji.  

  15. He never travelled in Plane. though he had several powers, he lived very simply. Throughout his life he followed simplicity.                                                                                    

16.When he was a youngster, he was apprehensive about the dull. 

17.He was married when he was 13 years of age to Kasturbai Makanji. 

18.He had two kids. 

19. He invested the greater part of his time battling for the freedom of India. 

20. He headed the Salt March to dissent against the British. 

21. He went to Law School in London. 

22. He had a Law Office in South Africa. 

23. Gandhi was slaughtered on January 30, 1948. 

24. Many great souls like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and a great many other individuals were influenced by him