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Angry Husband divorces wife after baby wets bed

Angry Husband divorces wife after baby wets bed

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03 Aug 2014

Strange things are happening around us. It may be shocking or funny for some people but its real that a husband divorced her wife when their kid made there bed wet.

A man separated his wife after he was goaded by his child, who wet his cot in Sarai Rehman town of Aligarh on Friday. The episode put the nearby police in tantrum, who were rendered defenseless in light of the fact that the spouse had effectively claimed 'talaq', as per the neighborhood custom. 

The young, who fits in with a group of locksmiths, married the young lady from Muradabad. The new lady griped to her family about constant badgering by her spouse. Individuals from her family side attempted to intention the issue, however the young lady got to be pregnant and conceived a child a month and a half back. 

The spouse put into a spot for his await a merciless condition that the infant might not urinate on the couch. The lady attempted her best, however who can prevent a child from urinating. The circumstances compounded and prompted recording of the separation before the group.