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US most powerful, but does not control everything: Obama

US most powerful, but does not control everything: Obama

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01 Aug 2014

Defending his administration's policy in sight of the continued crisis in state and therefore the Gaza conflict, President Barack Obama has aforesaid that the U.S. doesn't management everything that happens across the world despite being the foremost powerful country. 

"Apparently individuals have forgotten that America, because the most powerful country on Earth, still doesn't management everything round the world," Obama told White House reporters at a group discussion. 

"So our diplomatic efforts usually take time. They usually can see progress then a step backwards. that is been true within the Mideast. that is been true in Europe. that is been true in Asia. that is the nature of international affairs. it is not neat, and it is not sleek," he aforesaid once asked if the us has lost its influence within the world. 

"But if you explore, for instance, Ukraine, we've got created progress in delivering on what we have a tendency to aforesaid we'd do. we will not management however (Vladimir) Vladimir Putin thinks. 

"But what we will do is notify Vladimir Putin, if you continue on the trail of equipping separatists with significant armaments that violates law and undermines the territorial integrity and sovereignty of state, then you are going to face consequences which will hurt your country," he said. 

"There was lots of unbelief regarding our ability to coordinate with Europeans for a robust series of sanctions. on every occasion we've got done what we have a tendency to aforesaid we'd do, as well as on, after we place in situ sanctions that have a sway on key sectors of the Russian economy - their energy, their defense, their money systems. It hasn't resolved the matter nonetheless," he said. 

Obama aforesaid within the twentieth century and therefore the early a part of this century, there square measure lots of conflicts that America didn't resolve. 

"That's perpetually been true. that does not mean we have a tendency to stop attempting. it's not a live of yankee influence on any given day or at any given moment that there square measure conflicts round the world that square measure troublesome," he said. 

"I recognise with such a lot of totally different problems shooting up round the world, generally it should appear as if this can be associate aberration or it's uncommon. however the reality of the matter is that there is a giant world out there, which as indispensable as we have a tendency to square measure to do to steer it, there is still about to be tragedies out there and there square measure about to be conflicts," Obama noted. 

He aforesaid the rationale why America remains indispensable is that it's willing to plunge in and take a look at, wherever alternative countries do not trouble attempting. 

"I mean, the actual fact of the matter is, is that all told these crises that are mentioned, there could also be some tangential risks to the us. In some cases, as in Republic of Iraq and ISIS, those square measure dangers that have to be compelled to be self-addressed immediately, and that we have to be compelled to take them terribly seriously. 

"But for the foremost half, these rockets are not being discharged into the us. the rationale we have a tendency to square measure involved is as a result of we have a tendency to acknowledge we have got some special responsibilities," he said.