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Tips to get rid of toxins.

Tips to get rid of toxins.

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25 Jul 2014

Ageing your skin quickly and pale appeared to loosen & become weaker due-free life when your blood is saturated with pollutants, you only have to do a clean your blood and you get in a couple of days to restore the glow of youth. Protecting your skin in the long run from harm by the toxins means that realise the extent of the danger these toxins and to learn how to deal with it.

Here are tips to get rid of makeup skin toxins and regain air conditioned: 

  • Clean your body from the inside: the build up process of waste disposal and the work of the kidneys, drink at least eight glasses (each Cup 200 ml) of water or mineral per day.You can drink a glass of water on an empty stomach with a few drops of lemon juice.
  • Adequate sleep: Get adequate sleep premium cleans your body itself is renewed. 
  • Shop carefully: reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals and carefully choose skin care products and makeup. Cut the use of products that also contain the following ingredients (many of which cause cancer): albrabine, DEA, MEA, TEA, alcohol is the "mini", coal tar dyes and artificial fragrances. ​
  • Healthy diet: Eat organic food rich in dietary minerals and vitamins needed by your skin.Eat the Rainbow, the skin supplying nutrients to plant any of those items in the fruits and vegetables are brightly colored, and are mostly antioxidant elements. Protects skin from the damage caused by aging and reduce inflammation and help to address many toxins. Aatadi drinking fresh juice from different colored vegetables such as beetroot, spinach and carrots.
  • Sports daily: Exercise frequently, and I walk for 30 minutes every day and train to breathe deeply to remove traces of dirt through the lungs. 
  • Smoke and liberally oscilloscope: Stay away from cigarette smoke, do not smoke and not after you're settled among smokers. And limit your exposure to radiation of the microwave, computer, television and mobile phones that bug with the fabric of the neighborhood.