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Plants which help you to get rid of migrain

Plants which help you to get rid of migrain

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07 May 2014

Here are some types of plants that can help ease the pain of migraine headaches that get by both men and women, including:

1.Tea and coffee
Are often advised them during a bout headaches, where frequently caffeine, a cup of coffee heavy can reduce the severity of headaches, especially among drinkers of coffee constantly and regularly consume large quantities of coffee or other products that contain caffeine.

Works to relieve pain quickly because it contains essential oil, and treatment consists of paracetamol peppermint oil, and fat is a little peppermint oil on the neck and forehead and earlobes and places of headaches.

Reduces migraine attacks, because it limits the pace of tightening nerves and thus relieves pain and nausea and vomiting.

4. The bark of the plant white willow
Produces medical companies aspirin natural of this plant, at the age of nearly 2,000 years, and reduces aspirin a headache, especially if it is accompanied by fever, and is boiled bark and filtered and drink it 3 to 5 cups a day, but it is not preferred for pregnant women, where that has side effects such as ulcers and others.

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