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Which is the ideal time to reach orgasm?

Which is the ideal time to reach orgasm?

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26 Apr 2014

This study will not love men! But it's the truth. A new study has found that 45% of men end up very quickly from sex-fast only 2 minutes!

The famous author says Harry Fisch, "two minutes is the time too fast for any woman, she will not be able to achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration only."

This information is available in a book entitled The new Phish New Naked: The Ultimate Sex Education for Grown-Ups.

According to fish, the average duration of intercourse was 7.3 minutes any four minutes less than "ideal time" for women.

This report supports the theory of sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, who research in the 1940s and found that three quarters of men usually throw within two minutes.

He said Czech psychologists Peter Weiss and Stuart Brody in a paper published in the journal of sexual medicine, that the chance of reaching orgasm for women is much more related to correlation with duration of intercourse and foreplay.