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Diabetes seen more in people who takes 2 meals per day than the one who takes 6 meals per day

Diabetes seen more in people who takes 2 meals per day than the one who takes 6 meals per day

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17 May 2014

Scientists say eating my meal and breakfast and lunch only may be more effective in the treatment of diabetes mellitus type II compared to eating smaller meals and more regularly. Researchers in the Czech capital Prague, fed two groups of 27 people, and provide the same calories divided by two servings, or six meals a day. They found that volunteers who ate two meals a day lost more weight than those who ate six meals and decreased blood sugar level to have. Experts said the study adds to "evidence list" already suggests that eating fewer meals, and the larger is the proper approach.

Importance of timing

Infected person's disease, type II diabetes, when the body does not produce enough of the hormone insulin, which controls the amount of sugar in the blood, causing high blood sugar. The cause of Type II diabetes, if not treated, the incidence of heart disease, and stroke, and nerve damage, and the sensitivity of the eye, and kidney disease. And suffers about 2.9 million people with diabetes in the United Kingdom, of whom 90 percent are infected with Type II diabetes. It is recommended in the UK is currently eating three main meals a day plus snacks to take into account the requirements of health. The Department of scientists at the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague, a group of 54 volunteers, aged between 30 and 70 years old, into two groups, each of which is composed of 27 people, suffering from diabetes type Lithe participants took either six meals a day for 12 months, followed by a program to Ogptin per day, or vice versa, and included every diet program in 1700 calories a day. The study compared modes to eat.

Very satisfying

She Kahliova here, great scientists at the institute, said the results were "very satisfactory.""I was afraid that patients suffer from hunger in the evening, but the feeling of hunger when dropped ate until full, But - surprise - did not feel so when ate six meals a day."She Kahliova It can be applied to the study of does not suffer from diabetes, and they want to lose weight. Says Richard Elliott, research communications officer in the British Dietetic Association: "We will need to study deeper stretch for longer periods of time before they change the nutritional advice we give to patients with type II diabetes."He said that following healthy and balanced diet, exercise and sports activities, and maintains a healthy weight, in addition to taking medications, all of which are "important" to treat the disease effectively.