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Camel's Milk Never Curdle

Camel's Milk Never Curdle

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29 May 2014

Did You Know ? The Camels Milk will not become curd. All other milk will become curdle but the camel's milk will not curdle. the normal milk are from moderate climate area living animals like cow got etc. so it will cool soon when cooling happen it starts to curdle, but in the case of camel's they are living in the desert, a place where the heat is very plently the milk got heated up and it wont spoil. this happens because of the temprature on the camels body and sweat.

the other milks curdle but we can keep camels milk for more than one and a half years. if its properly refreigrated.

and this milk is very healthy and its very thick than anyother milks available. but this milk are not commonly used.