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Important tips for preventing otitis

Important tips for preventing otitis

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19 Jul 2014

Consult your doctor, ear, nose and throat if you are exposed to infection.

Common problems that may afflict adults and children alike, inflammation of swimmer's ear is an infection of the outer part of the ear due to the presence of bacteria or fungi. The entry of dirty water into the ear. The inflammation usually starts itching of the external ear, followed by pain in the ear. And as the disease progresses, there may be a smelly discharge from the ear, indicating the spread of infection.
How can you prevent ear infection caused by water?
1. Choose a clean swimming pools only.
2. Use an earplug and prevent the entry of water into the ear.
3. Before you swim, place a few drops of baby oil on the Flint for permission.
4. Use the ear drops home after swimming. Consult your doctor before using this drop (mix a few drops of the alcohol and a few drops of white vinegar 1 to 1. place a few drops in the ear and let it dry. alcohol and vinegar will kill many types of bacteria and fungi.)