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Premature birth can affect a child's motor development:Study

Premature birth can affect a child's motor development:Study

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17 Jul 2014

Researchers discovered in the United Kingdom possible new way to determine whether preterm children more susceptible to delays in developing motor skills-and the answer lies in the chemicals in the brains of these infants.

To conduct this study, researchers in London examined the brains of 43 infants who were born at 32 weeks gestation or less scans. And was focused on white matter in the brain, which are typically fragile, especially in newborn children and at risk. They then measured the levels of specific chemicals in the brain, too. When evaluating 40 of these infants a year later, researchers found that 15 of them were suffering from signs of problems with motor skills.

Says study author Giles Kendall of the University College London that the predictability of a potential risk of neurodevelopmental problems in premature babies will help identify children who receive intensive therapy. This research team found that the ratios of chemicals in the brain at birth that can the occurrence of such problems in motor skills. The greater Collin/creatine and dropped to-asitlasbartit/Colin 70% accurate in predicting that the child will suffer from delays in motor development one year after birth.

Kendall says, "our hope is to find a strong biomarker that can be used as a measurement of results, so you don't have to wait five or six years to see if medical intervention is successful."

Kendall noted that physical therapy is available, but it is very expensive, and the majority of preterm birth is needed. He said, "our goal is to move away from simply ensuring the survival of these babies and give them the best possible quality of life."