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Tips for a healthy breakfast for you and your baby

Tips for a healthy breakfast for you and your baby

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12 Jul 2014

 Some tips for breakfast for you and your baby, here are the tips:

1. It is important that you eat breakfast, do not delay, because it breaks the long fasting.

2. Take care starting with the compensation body fluids to prevent dehydration by drinking water, soups or juices.

3. Eat soup every day (vegetable soup, lentils being rich in iron) and we recommend that you prepare the soup at home instead of ready-made soup recipes, as they are rich in minerals and vitamins.

4. Eat more vegetables, and try as much as possible to vary your vegetables that taklinha, if cooked or used in the preparation of the authority.

5. Take care to wash fruits and vegetables with SOAP and water.

6. Avoid eating foods high in fat and fried food.

7. Try to minimise the intake of sweets and replace them with fruit, dates, dried fruits such as dates, figs are rich in dietary fiber and various vitamins.

8. Breakfast usually consists of more than one main dish which baffles pregnant women and makes them prefer tasting all dishes but encouraged to eat food from one dish instead of a few tasted several dishes and it is important to diversify food types, with different dishes every day, so it is recommended to cover the dish all nutrients such as: rice, vegetables, meat. To not only eat only one type.

9. After breakfast eating small meals regularly, every 3.4 hours non stop until sohour, it is recommended that you eat dairy, cheeses, vegetables and fruit instead of sweets and cakes for Eid.

10. There are certain types of foods, and that pregnant women refrain from them:

-Raw meat (raw), which was cooked well.
-Chinese food such as sushi.
Unpasteurized milk products.
-Foods that contain eggs that have not been fully prepared, such as fried eggs, omelettes, which is where the yolk is still liquid, viscous, cream cakes, sauces for salads that contain eggs.
-Reduce the intake of coffee and select the quantity of three cups a day, research has shown that the consumption of a large quantity of coffee during pregnancy adversely affect fetal weight, which makes it a less than average. Don't forget that the caffeine incoffee is also present in tea, Cola walshoklath.
-Avoid eating food by heating it to boiling, especially foods prepared from beef.