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Global private wealth rises to $152tn

Global private wealth rises to $152tn

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10 Jun 2014

The amount of personal wealth control by households globally surged quite 14 July to $152 trillion (£90tn) last year, boosted principally by rising stock markets.

Asia-Pacific, excluding Japan, semiconductor diode the surge with a thirty first jump to $37tn, a report by Beantown Consulting cluster says.

The number of wealthy person households conjointly rose sharply.

The report takes under consideration money, deposits, shares and different assets control by households. however businesses, realty and luxury merchandise area unit excluded.

"In nearly all countries, the expansion of personal wealth was driven by the robust rebound in equity markets that began within the half of 2012," the firm aforementioned in its report.

"This performance was spurred by relative economic stability in Europe and also the United States of America and signs of recovery in some European countries, like eire, European country and European country."

The amount of wealth control in equities globally grew by twenty eighth throughout the year, Beantown Consulting cluster (BCG) aforementioned.

Asia-Pacific growth
Economies in Asia are key drivers of worldwide growth within the recent years. And households within the region have benefitted from this growth.

Within the region, China has been the largest driver - with non-public wealth within the country stormy quite forty ninth in 2013.

High saving rates in countries like China and Bharat has conjointly been a key contributive issue to the present surge.

The wealth control within the region is predicted to rise additional, to almost $61tn by the tip of 2018.

"At this pace, the region is predicted to overtake Western Europe because the second-wealthiest region in 2014, and North America because the wealthiest in 2018," BCG said.

The pace of wealth creation in China was conjointly evident within the growth within the range of wealthy person households - in United States of America greenback terms - within the country, rising to a pair of.4 million in 2013, from 1.5 million a year agone.

Overall, the full range of wealthy person households within the world rose to sixteen.3 million in 2013, from 13.7 million in 2012.

According to the report, non-public wealth in:

  • North America rose by fifteen.6% to $50.3tn
  • Western Europe, which has Britain, European country and France, rose by 5.2% to $37.9tn
  • Eastern Europe, which has Russia, European nation and European country, jumped by seventeen.2% to $2.7tn
  • Latin America rose by eleven.1% to $3.9tn
  • Middle East region enlarged by eleven.6% to achieve $5.2tn