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Instagram adds new editing tools!

Instagram adds new editing tools!

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04 Jun 2014

The exposure sharing app Instagram is adding writing tools that transcend the vintage-looking filters that created it widespread. 

The Facebook-owned app same in an exceedingly journal post Tuesday that users are ready to modify the brightness, contrast, saturation and different options of photos they take with their smartphones. 

The tools ar out there once downloading the most recent version of Instagram, 6.0, on humanoid or Apple phones. The exposure writing tools can seem beneath a wrench icon. 

Instagram's filters will enhance photos or add a definite hue to them, to create them seem like they were smitten a Polaroid Land camera within the Seventies. however as smartphone cameras have improved, several users became a lot of refined regarding their snapshots. Some have turned to different apps with a lot of powerful writing tools to mend photos before posting them on Instagram. 

Instagram has over two hundred million users. it absolutely was based in 2010 and bought by Facebook in 2012.