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Microsoft has backed off the XP

Microsoft has backed off the XP

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21 Apr 2014

Microsoft has nearly 13 years after Windows XP tech support to be closed, so that now opens up new opportunities for China's tech companies.Microsoft said that Windows XP does not support the technology, and now the company Windows XP stops responding to security update notifications. Computer go on Windows XP and Microsoft's technical cooperation to stop after he became more vulnerable to the risk of being affected by the virus and has created.

Microsoft has updated the computer users from replacing Windows or as needed new 8.1 advised buying the computer window. According to an online survey about 20 million computers in China zhongguancun XP run on Windows, which are 70 percent of the total personal computer.

However Windows 8 computers priced at 988 Yuan (about 160 dollars), but most of these people will need to buy a new computer to run it. China's official news agency, according to the news of Shenmue 13 year old operating system and users to assist China's security companies has started to sell XP-protakshan related products.

China's king soft, sogou, nonsek, Wu commune and protakshan XP-related tech companies like Keane team product Carnegie. All these companies have to update your computer for XP users by providing security-defense-related products