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New tag of "satire" to be included in facebook

New tag of "satire" to be included in facebook

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17 Aug 2014

For the individuals who like satire news outlet The Onion and post those fun articles on Facebook, the social networking site is going to include a "satire" tag with their news sustain. 

In the event that a client navigates an Onion article and comes back to their news sustain, they will be auto labeled with "satire", Ars Technica reported. 

This is the manner by which it meets expectations. 

In the event that a companion presents an Onion interface on his or her Facebook channel, click on it for a snicker. 

As per Facebook, "We are running a little test which demonstrates the content "Satire" before connections to sarcastic articles in the related articles unit in News Feed". 

"This is on account of we got input that individuals needed a clearer approach to recognize mocking articles from others in these units," a Facebook representative told Ars Technica.