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Facebook sues 'spammer' over faked Bieber sex tape links

Facebook sues 'spammer' over faked Bieber sex tape links

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22 Jan 2014

Facebook takes legal action against an alleged spammer suspected of posting fake links to a supposed sex tape of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

whenever users  clicked the link in the posts were redirected to sites that paid Mr Tarquini for hits. clicking the link also made  posts being automatically shared with users' Facebook friends..

even after he was informed that his actions violated Facebook's terms - his account was shut down and he was told never to use the site again . Mr Tarquini had written the program that took over accounts and posted fake links. Now facebook says it wants to be reimbursed .it wants him banned from ever using Facebook again.

Facebook won  $3m (£1.8m) against a company that sent fake  messages to large number of users

In addition, in 2009 Facebook won  $711m after winning a lawsuit against spammer Sanford Wallace.