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Corona virus: Tests on camels and dogs to solve the mystery killer disease

Corona virus: Tests on camels and dogs to solve the mystery killer disease

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27 May 2014

Scientists soon tests on cats and dogs, and even mice, as they strive to solve the mystery virus infection Corona mysterious.

This virus was discovered, scientifically known respiratory syndrome, the Middle East, for the first time in 2012, and caused so far killed nearly 200 people worldwide. In spite of the discovery of the virus that causes this infection is widely in beauty, the researchers say it may be lurking in other animals. One expert said the BBC that the search is likely to soon extend to include animals that have close contact with human beings. Corona virus was discovered initially in a patient from the province, "Bisha" in Saudi Arabia, but has since been discovered nearly 600 cases of infection worldwide, and died about 30 percent of these cases. The researchers believe that the virus causing the infection Coruna moved from animals to humans.

Questions that need answers

With the rising numbers of people who are infected with the virus, scientists sought to test animals commonly found in the Middle East to get to know the possibility of transmission of the disease from them. Using blood samples from the beauty of the Canary Islands, Dutch researchers found the first antibodies to the disease. Researchers and semi-effects of these antibodies foot, which indicates that the virus has undergone in the past through the animal's body. The recent study showed that the version of the virus that spread among humans can be distinguished from the version found in beauty. But Dr. Thomas Brice of Columbia University, who led the research team, expressed his belief that there are many questions about the disease need to be answered.

He pointed out that if the beauty is the only source of infection, the disease is supposed that it would be more common among people who work with these animals, or close contact with them. And record a small number of deaths for cases infected with Corona did not have a connection known beauty. Bryce said the BBC "We already have these sporadic cases, and there is no known cases of the disease without knowing the injury exposure (to connect to the beauty), and we are looking for the source of the virus."He explained, "In some cases there was a touch animals or beauty, but in other cases there was no such contact, and the picture is not clear-cut until now."

Cats and Dogs


He pointed out that the tests were conducted on other animals, including goats and sheep, but it did not show the presence of any antibodies that indicate HIV infection. Another report showed that the geographical distribution of the disease in the beauty much more prevalent than previously thought, in the presence of large numbers in Nigeria, Ethiopia and Tunisia. Dr. Bryce said that these questions be paid researchers to expand the search for Corona virus to include pets. He added that "(other animals) that Nfhsa, or trying to be tested, are cats and dogs where there is a more intimate connection (for humans), and any other wildlife we ​​can get the blood serum of which we have not now."

The issue will be dealing with a virus Corona on the agenda of the World Organization for Animal Health to be held in Paris. Warned WHO Director Margaret Chan, in a speech during a meeting of experts in veterinary medicine and ministers, of the role of beauty in the spread of the disease .She said that "the current concern certainly respect human cases of Corona."But she said that "the evidence is not conclusive on that at all, and we need to know that we turn our guidance for the general public."One of the biggest concerns in the possibility of the virus mutates to spread easily among humans, and there is no evidence of that. Dr. Bryce said, "This may occur at any time, the mutations occur at random."