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The success of the campaign to keep the painting by the artist Van Dyck painted for himself in Britain

The success of the campaign to keep the painting by the artist Van Dyck painted for himself in Britain

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04 May 2014

Succeeded the National Museum, "National Portrait Gallery" in Britain to collect ten million pounds were required to keep the recent painting of the artist Van Dyck painted the person inside the country. And collect that amount through a public campaign launched for that purpose, which donated 10 thousand people in more than 1.4 million pounds.

The amount includes a grant from the Art Fund in Britain, worth 500 thousand pounds, in addition to 700 thousand pounds introduction of the National Museum of the budget itself. And described the painting painted by the Flemish artist before his death in 1641 as "one of the best and most self Paintings" in British art. Prior to that, the painting was sold in 2013 before the imposition of a temporary ban on exports relating to such business heritage. The buyer is billionaire art collector James Stont who decided to withdraw to buy the painting in March / March after noticing "passion for people" to keep the painting in Britain. She then presented the painting to the museum after the National versus 10 million pounds, which is less than the original price of the panel which was set to 12.5 million pounds.

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The director of the National Museum of the British Sandy Narine at the launch of the campaign last year, "Van Dyke is one of the greatest artists who worked in Britain."

He added: "It was not like any artist this great influence in the art of drawing people in Britain. Has around him away from the rigid formal approach your fees and Tudor Jakopian, and developed a distinct pattern of drawing fluid dominated the art of the persons in charge of the twentieth century."

Born Sir Anthony van Dyck in the city of Antwerp, and became an artist of the royal court of King Charles I in London in 1632.And gave him the royal family in Britain and knighthood, and a gold chain, and a monthly stipend peer technical drawings praising the family, which depicted the king at the time of the weak seem strong and able to impose his opinion. Van Dyck painted three paintings for himself in England, and this is the last painting that could be preserved among those paintings. In 2009, the painting was sold compared to 8.3 million pounds in one of the auctions, which is equivalent to three times the price at which they have as much, which surpassed the previous auction, which was the price of one of his paintings for 3.6 million pounds. The painting will remain on display in the National Museum in London until the end of the month of August / August, before it begins to take a tour of a local three-year term beginning in 2015.