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Hearts Breaks In A Young Girl's Life

Hearts Breaks In A Young Girl's Life

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28 Mar 2014

This is a poem which conveys how a girl's is being hurted in relationships.! So below is the poem :


Heartbreaks In A Young Girl's Life

You told me that you loved every bit of me,

You made me feel like I was the water of your sea,

You told me how I made you smile every second,

You made me feel like I was reckoned.


It was all perfect till the end,

Until, you made me downtrend,

How were you so good at pretending?

Like every bit of me was surrendering.


And how did I still fall for the fake love?

Although, it felt like those stars were drifting apart above,

And when I finally realized who you had turned out to be,

I found myself broken like any of those princesses in Disney.


Perhaps, it was my entire fault,

The way you made me feel as bitter as salt,

And I just can?t take this anymore,

Probably, I just wished I had never lived before.