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Drunken across the Atlantic Ocean without knowing it

Drunken across the Atlantic Ocean without knowing it

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01 May 2014

New research indicates that the usually excessive alcohol intake comes from the Victorian era and was one of the crises. Jeremy Clay and tells the story back to 1878, as swizzle man in the drink so much that he traveled from London to Ohio State in the United States without knowing it.And John Wren lay in bed and his head hurt him, Naaaa brain cells destroyed. And toured his view in the room is familiar, searching for any sign of what is around him. But he did not recognize anything. And finally emerged from the help, spontaneously asked her to give him some whiskey. When she refused, he asked her where lying. The nurse replied that in the hospital. And tried to guess the name of a hospital in London, a city that remained in his memory before it goes out of alcohol. But I told him that in a hospital in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, USA. He cried out, "Oh my God! Is crossed the Atlantic and I am drunk?"

The story began and Rennes before this incident seven weeks ago, near the end of 1878, when he was the hero of the story who refused a drink, accompanied by his friends in England. And offered him a drink, but he refused. They repeated the attempt, before. Afterwards, drink cups. He traveled and Rennes distance of three thousand miles without knowing it. And passed Christmas and New Year's is in a coma. Press him and said that his story "A more tales of sugar, which monitored the humor and weirdness."

The title of the evening news in Adenberg "drunk for seven weeks." Said Stafford Shire Centennial "Journey drunk." The Dundee Courier "way to overcome seasickness."The reports began by saying that "an Englishman named Rennes managed to overcome seasickness, as across the Atlantic in quite drunk. Did not Aa he left Liverpool, England, but after his arrival in the United States."She reports: "The condition was very bad, so much so that he had taken to a hospital where he underwent treatment for three weeks."

How did over-evening in London after seven weeks in Cleveland? The answer depends on which newspaper you read. According to the British press, and woke up to find himself Rennes in Cleveland after he and his friends put him on a ship and travel ticket. While American newspapers said that Wren was living in Ohio, and that he was visiting his son in London. By doing so, put the story in the context of trying to determine the home of a drunken person.