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Some Palmistry facts.

Some Palmistry facts.

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27 Sep 2014


1.       Round shape – you are the person who acts before thinking. You sometimes fall in trouble due to it. But u can manage things well.

2.       Oval shape – you radiate positive energy. People trust you easily and you seem to provide them comfort.

3.       Square shape – you are a practical person. You won’t get bothered by emotions. You are a good manager too.



1.       Long – near perfectionist and needs details for everything.

2.       Short – impatient and not bothered with details.


1.       Straight - You tend to put your head in matters of the heart.

2.       Curved - The romantic people fall in this category. They always speak their hearts out.


1.       Straight - You are logical and technical.

2.       Curved – you are creative and artistic.

3.       The length shows your memory and concentration powers.

4.       Forked line indicates a greater insight to things and persons fit for debates.


1.       If your Life line sweeps out into the Plain of Mars – you are the restless type and love to travel

2.        If your life line hugs close to your thumb, near the Mount of Venus- you are a home sick person. Always stay at home.

3.       If your lifeline is torn between Venus, and Mars- you’ll be confused between having security in life and at the same time craving for independence.

4.       Breaks in the Life line – health issues


1.       Fate line starts close to the Life line - Always want to please others.

2.       The line starts down on the heel of the hand - Also called the Neptune line showing your carefree nature and doing things offbeat.

3.       Fate line starts high in the hand - Things start off late in life for you. Be it business, love or luck.