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10 Irritating problems only Indian girls can relate to

10 Irritating problems only Indian girls can relate to

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03 Sep 2014

1. Dad: "No one will marry you if you won't cook “daal” 

2. Planning out what you're going to say to your parents before asking to go to a friends house 

3. Thinking while talking to a friend on phone - "Stop making me laugh...My parents think I'm talking to my boyfriend!" 

4. Having to completely customize your privacy settings after accepting the friend request of a family member on Facebook!

5. Smiling & serving tea to guests and later listening to the arrogant comments about your weight, career path & domestic skills

6. Not being able to do something just because 'Mom said so' 

7. Telling your parents you're going out with some friends.
Mom: "For how long? What time will u be back? who all are coming?"

8. And the real catch - "Are there going to be boys there?"

9. Having to listen to a "When I was your age..." lecture once a week at least!

10. I’ve got 100 problems and my neighborhood aunty is one of them.