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Windows 9 Release

Windows 9 Release

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25 Jan 2014

From Years The Bill Gate's Microsoft Corporation Is Building History. On 25th August 2001, Microsoft Released Windows Experience (Windows XP) Which Was A Beginning Of A New Era. Later They Updated The Look And Released Service Pack 3 But It Was An Utter Failure. That Makes XP To Continue Its Run. But After That On 8th November 2006 Windows Vista Released But It Also Made Microsoft Dis-Appointed. But On July 22nd 2009 New Era Written By Windows 7 Changed The XP Era. After The Great Success Of Windows 7 They Released Windows 8 With Superb Features. But It Fails To Catch The Minds Of The People.Metro Was The Highlighting Feature Of Windows 8.

And Now Microsoft  Announced The Launch Date Of Windows 9, On April 2015. In This Microsoft Comes With Different Metro Look And The Start Button Is Brought Back To The Interface. Lets Hope That Windows 9 Will Be A Big Turning Point In Microsoft Era.