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21 Awesome Things That Will Make You Miss Your Childhood To No End

21 Awesome Things That Will Make You Miss Your Childhood To No End

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01 Nov 2014

1. You were obsessed with Mario. You still are!

3. You had a HUGE collection of cassettes!

4. Akbar - Birbal stories that one could read countless times!

5. If you had a walkman, you were cool!

6. A fun family game night of carrom was always welcome!
7. Chewing up the back of your pencils was common

8. Drinking frooti was all you wanted to do!

9. You never missed an episode of Mahabharat!

10. Mom had pretty bindi makers!

11. You Played games OUTDOORS.

12. You went to game parlors after school and played those cool games after inserting coins in slots!

13. You never missed Disney hour! Watching Duck tales, Dennis the Menace, Aladdin, Chip & Dale was awesome!

14. You simply loved those cheap colorful crazy balls!

15. Your versions of snacks and candies – Babool, Alpenlibe, Crax, Kisme Bars,

16. Going out to play with friends at night when the power went off! It was the best part of power cutoffs!

17. Wearing Raincoats to school!

18. Begging your mom to get you the 'light up' shoes because owning light up action shoes was the deal!

19. Using the lead replaceable pencils and praying not to lose it's parts.

20. Parle G, you can't forget how much you loved Parle G!

21. Using MS Paint when you had nothing to do! :p