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Drinks for long and shiny hair!

Drinks for long and shiny hair!

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08 Aug 2014

The protein found in milk in large quantities is your way to get healthy hair.

That long hair is the dream of women, and which seeks to achieve in different ways for the crowning her beauty, but the results may not be satisfactory to her always, and may take a long time to get your dream hair how should accomplish this dream is possible in a short period.

The solution is to eat some drinks rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins that stimulate hair growth and add to its beauty and its length.


Water is the secret of life, beauty, and skin that need adequate amounts of water to maintain freshness and youth, also hair needs moisture to maintain its gloss and beauty, it is best to drink your 8 glasses of water a day to get your hair the moisture necessary for health and beauty.


The malt is great for hair growth if continually ingested, couple a day and get long hair you have always dreamed of.

Vegetable juice:

This BREW is one of the most important health drinks and useful nutrients to your hair as it contains minerals and vitamins that grow hair, and vegetables are rich in iron for hair growth as a tomato and lettuce, Arugula, chard, carrots and spinach. Eat these vegetables each day in the form of juice and you will see great development the growth of your hair.


The protein found in milk in large quantities is your way to get healthy hair and heavy, when the missing hair of proteins that are the basis of its growth, will definitely embrittlement and precipitation, so make sure to eat two cups of milk per day at least, to have long hair, and enchanting.

Nettle tea:

The nettle is most fitting haircare and growth with this plant on the iron walbitakarotin wevitanin C, those elements needed for nutrition, intensity, and you can take advantage of the properties of this plant tea made them permanently to grab a magical effect on your hair