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How henna is beneficial for you?

How henna is beneficial for you?

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29 May 2014

Henna is not only for covering gray hair. It makes your hair robust, voluminous and glossy. decide why applying henna pack is nice for your hair.

Henna is one in all the foremost popular beauty herbs in India and tropical countries that\'s known for its cooling effects. Since ages it\'s been wont to make hair shiny, healthy and beautiful. the facility of this inexperienced herb isn't solely wont to embellish hands or cowl greys, however is additionally applied on hair to bring back the health of your tresses.

Healthy hair

Apply henna pack doubly a month to create hair healthy, shiny and voluminous. It helps bring back the lost health of your hair and repairs broken locks. Henna restores the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp while not touching the natural balance of your hair. Steep henna for 2 hours in amla-brewed water and apply on hair together with scalp to induce the most effective results.

Helps to condition our hair

Henna may be a superb conditioner for your hair. It covers every hair shaft and builds a protecting layer that safeguards the strands from injury. Regular use of henna makes your hair thick and powerful by protection the essential wetness within the hair. This seasoning hair pack adds a natural shine and gloss to your mane and makes them double stronger.

It also covers greys

If you wish an expensive colored mane while not touching the health of your hair like alternative chemical dyes, then henna is your answer. it\'s no organic compound or alternative chemicals that takes away the wetness from your hair that leaves it broken and boring. Boil water with 2 tablespoons of dried amla, one teaspoon of tea and 2 cloves. Strain the water and add in henna to create a thick paste. Leave long or for a minimum of 2 hours and apply on hair.

Helps you to treat dandruff

Henna is understood to cure dandruff quite effectively. Soak one 2 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds long in water and grind them within the morning. Heat some mustard oil and add many henna leaves. Let it calm down and add fenugreek paste within the oil. You’ll be able to strain the oil mixture to induce eliminate coarse particle and apply on the scalp an hour before the shampoo.