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Top 5 bakeries which help to strengthen hair

Top 5 bakeries which help to strengthen hair

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25 Sep 2014

Not enough external hair care oils and hydrating creams to get beautiful hair, it requires a special feed from inside the body to grow in a healthy and thick to prevent hair loss and easily make frags.

Here are the most important food dear your hair with the proper nutrition to strengthen:

-Legumes: Legumes are like beans and lentils, beans and soybean food rich in protein, iron, zinc and biotin for hair growth and thickness. So make sure to diversify your low permanently from the food. For example, you can eat lentil soup in the evening.

-Leafy greens: Sing your table daily leafy vegetables such as parsley, lettuce, watercress, cabbage walroka walfrfhin "watercress" to rich in important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin e and calcium that feeds your hair follicles and shiny is irresistible.

-Nuts and dried fruits: These foods provide the hair follicles with essential vitamins to stimulate hair growth and hair loss. Choose a daily meal from this list: almonds, dates, walnuts or figs. The dates and figs from iron-rich elements which help to stimulate hair growth significantly when you dealt with regularly. Either almond is rich in nutrients that help strengthen hair and increase its gloss.

-Fruit acids: It is known that iron absorption in the body requires vitamin c to absorb well. So, eat a day orange juice or 1 cup limodanh for adequate intake of vitamin C to speed absorption of iron, so contributing to the strengthening and intensification of hair and shiny.

-Seafood and meat: Fish contain fatty acids of the Omega-3 that helps feed the hair well. For people who abstain from eating fish, they can replace it with supplements of cod liver oil. It is red meat food source rich in iron, zinc, vitamin B and all of the essential nutrients for healthy hair.