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Is there a particular time to use facial moisturizing cream?

Is there a particular time to use facial moisturizing cream?

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20 Sep 2014

We asked one of the readers the possibility to use the same hand cream to moisturize her, too, and the best time to use facial moisturizing cream?

The reader must know dear cream moisturizer is necessary such as your makeup in minutes, choose the right humidifier for your skin type then use the proper amount of it on your skin, to help moisturize the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and make your skin look fresh and then use a sun protection cream or cream base.

You can also use a night cream for your skin radiance and moisture during the night hours, especially if you are from those with dry skin. And you must choose the product according to the quality of your skin (dry or greasy or normal).

Either use hand cream all the time whether day or night to resist weather and prevent chapped hands especially after you home business.

We note that the facial skin is usually thin and prone to blisters and wrinkles, while the thicker skin of hands and tend to dry or cracking caused by exposure to washing with SOAP and water several times a day. Therefore, you should have a decent facial moisturizer is light and does not cause clogged pores, and probably contains components and pulls the skin to relieve a kind lines and wrinkles. On the other hand, must be more intensive hand cream and contains oils double barrier protects your hands from the harsh conditions and increases their humidity.