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How to remove the fatty skin before the wedding?

How to remove the fatty skin before the wedding?

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23 Jul 2014

How to remove the fatty skin before the wedding? Here's the easy steps, then her plates before your big day:

Your daily

In addition to hulled, antiseptic, specialists advises using a toners, morning and evening. And on hot days, replace Karim humidifier with sunscreen to protect 30; in this way, protect your skin from the harmful rays of the Sun, without causing further damage to the pores. Choose cosmetics that contain salicylic acid, because it is the first component that helps you get rid of extra oil.

Your aesthetic

For oily skin, they eat like the importance of what you're doing. If you have pimples, the dairy and sugar increase the insult. Eat your spinach is rich in zinc, oysters, to maintain the level of hormones balanced. So, will you avoid blisters on your wedding day.

A reliable

However be careful in your choice of lmsthadarat your beauty, it is imperative the emergence of pimples. To fight the bug before your wedding day, clean your skin with clay, it eliminated extra oils from the pores. Try a mask made of belligerent blister acids (Salicylic acids, yes), the coal absorbs oils or rice protein, all of which will help you in getting rid of shines.