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Humans have the heart of a pig? Can you believe that?

Humans have the heart of a pig? Can you believe that?

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22 May 2014

The possibility that receives Prospective lists cultivation hearts message informing them of the availability of hospital pig heart became improbable after the announcement of the success of the process of moving to the heart of a pig monkey Papon after years of conducting.Frank Swain editor in New Scientist magazine, writes about this topic:Imagine that you are exposed to a heart attack and you need to get to the heart of an alternative, and your family is waiting, every day, a call from the hospital telling her to find a donor.Then comes the call days, but the excess of enthusiasm almost cannot hear what the doctor on the phone. He wants to tell you that the donor is not a man, but a pig. This possibility is now approaching to be a reality. Vseauth conducted by Dr. Mohammed Mohiuddin in the National Heart, Lung and Blood in Maryland in the United States reinforce the opinion of the advocates of the use of animal organs to treat those on long waiting lists for organ transplants. But this may raise several thorny issues, particularly in relation to the sense that we keep Adamatna complete in the future. If agriculture has become the hearts of pigs to humans as possible, if they are members of other animals that may be used for the restoration of our bodies? And you will change the transfer of the non-human members of our relationship animals and even our relationship with each other?

The use of historic

Because of organ transplants using animal tissues in humans to 1682, when the German surgeon, Joop van Mkerin Jansson, a report restored skull Russian soldier using a fragment of the greatness of a dog. Then ordered the clergy in the church and remove the fibula but it had healed completely so that was not possible to remove. In the post, paved techniques Alexei Carl leader in human vascular stitched the way for the transfer of the members of the animals in 1902 but it did not happen a significant development in this regard, but in the sixties when the surgeons succeeded, albeit in a limited way, in the transfer of the members of the platoon monkeys to humans. However most of the attempts failed within a few months, and patients did not survive. Nevertheless, no longer seen to members of a platoon of monkeys as valid today due to some other things include the risk of disease transmission and in some ethical considerations in research sector in this class of animals. Dr. Mohi says that what is more important than that, "the probability of rejecting the human body members of the Apes."But it turned out to be members of the pigs at least better, at least as demonstrated in tests conducted on baboons. The heart of the pig is similar to the human heart to a great extent in terms of anatomical as pigs less dangerous in terms of disease transmission in addition to the speed of reproduction, making it an excellent alternative.

It is crucial that Dr Mohiuddin managed, by amendments to the genes of the pig, making the heart of the animal taken from the gallery is the reaction of the immune system of Papon. Fbahaddat two amendments Jinyin diminished the ability of immune cells when baboon to recognize the transplanted organ as a foreign body. While adding a third amendment helped Jane works on the production of an anti-clotting agent, to reduce the reactions of the immune system that may be raised by blood clots formed around the UFO. These modifications combined to allow the heart to continue to work for a longer period than is the case in previous attempts. And this may lead to break down barriers that separate us from the animals to the adoption of a new different ways .Perhaps looking for some changes "cosmetic", such as adding tusks of animals to a row of his teeth. Or the athlete may think of athletes adds that what makes his abilities more distinctive replacement put his heart and the heart of a larger, stronger and more endurance, and perhaps regain his heart again when the end days of competition.

The future outlook for the animal

It may be more interesting question is whether raise the level of pork will humble to the rank of a savior to Tgieralaqtna animal life. If I ate meat meal from animal and then you heart transplant is taken from the animal, what would you feel about this kind of meat?

Carries the genes of swine genetic modification to make it more suitable as a source of reference members of the small but important about the status of the occupation of these animals between the medium as a source of food or analogous to a human being .Fastkabbal those pigs for some of our genes makes them human, in spite of everything, little human, and will become even more so when they are identifying new genes and substitute them with may exist when a human recipient. May someday go to what is beyond that when we raise domestic animals, personal physical complement, drawn in case we found ourselves in need of urgent heart or kidney or liver. This would be less harmful to our principles of ethical attempts to obtain so-called "brother savior", any child born of a human mission to provide tissue donations saving brother or sister in dire need of them. It is certain that breeding animals for saving members certainly will change what it means to us these animals and what it means to be a human being "full." Just listen to your heart beats within your chest to realize why.