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The death of the British space scientist Colin Bellinger

The death of the British space scientist Colin Bellinger

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09 May 2014

Space scientist died Briton Colin Bellinger, who famously trying to take down a spacecraft on Mars in 2003, at the age of 70 years, according to his family. Bellinger was at his home in Cambridge when he was hit in the brain haemorrhage and went into a deep coma. His family said in a statement that he died later at Addenbrooke's Hospital, describing the news as "shocking and unreasonable."The world space British supervised the construction of spacecraft to search for the existence of life on Mars, and is dubbed Beagle 2, in reference to the name of the royal ship HMS Beagle, which traveled on board the world of nature and geology famous Charles Darwin.

"Unfinished Business"

And disappeared in the space vehicle that did not show an effect, but Bellinger continued to urge the space agencies to complete what he described as "unfinished business on the surface of Mars."Rolled Tweets lovers Bellinger on Twitter to offer condolences, calling the writer Keith Mansfield that he was "a great advocate" for space and Mars. Said Phil Ford a book series "Doctor is" the famous British "very sad to see Professor Colin Bellinger die."At the age of 62, wounded Bellinger with multiple sclerosis, which caused him difficulty in walking. Bellinger said then that his illness will not weaken efforts to take down the British spacecraft on the surface of Mars. The work Bellinger professor of planetary science at the Open University, and chaired the Department of Physical Sciences University until 2005.Earned the rank of Commander of the British Empire in 2003.He married Ms. Bellinger Godit, and fathered her two children, two Hozana, and Nicholas.